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Custom Software Design for Haldimand, Norfolk, Oxford County

CAMM Services has been providing custom software solution for businesses in Haldimand, Norfolk, Oxford County since 2007

We provide services ranging from custom website design to business management solutions. We can help you turn yours idea into an efficient and effective reality.



Custom Business Management Suites

Looking for that perfect product to manage your business? We can help you with that. Our web browser based solutions allow you and your employees to work from anywhere.

Solutions Hosting

We host all of our solutions in house. Never is your data stored or shared with any third parties.

Security is everything to us. All client data infrastructures are isolated behind secondary firewalls with only top level administrative access.

Your data is your data. If at any time you should wish to discontinue any of our services, we will export your data for you.

Smart and Reactive Web Design

Looking for a website that can react and interact with your clients? We will work with you to get that perfect solution to your needs.

Whether you are looking to start your own online store or need your clients to be able to access information or forms, we can handle the hard work for you.

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